Pikna Shire Horses

 Rides to the Pub

     Fed up of whizzing round leading fast paced lives all the time? Why not go back to the tradtional way to travel come and relax with us for an afternoon on a trip around our countryside by horse and carriage. With simply delicious views from one of the highest points in cornwall you can see for miles. whats more the trip makes an exellent birthday present or supprise gift, and a romantic anniversary. The trip takes approximatley 2 hours the first part takes about and hour and a half we then come to the pub and stop outside while you go in and enjoy your meal, the last part of the journey is about half an hour and takes you back to your car.

     The trip is POA and we can carry up to 6 people the meals and drinks at the pub are not included however we can make the booking for you if you want.